Jason k. Lowry, MD - Hip, Knee and Shoulder Surgeon

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Nursing Protocols


  DVT/PE Prophylaxis Protocol

  Nursing Post-op Instructions Hip Anterior

  Nursing Post-op Instructions Hip Latpost

  Nursing Post op Instructions Knee

  Nursing Post Op Instructions Shoulder Arthroplasty

  Pain Protocol


Acute Rehab & Skilled Nursing Facilities


  Acute Rehab/SN Facilities


Home Health Instructions


  Home Health Instructions


Rehab Protocols


  Achilles Tendon Repture Non-surgical Surgical Protocol

  ACL Brace Protocol (Post ACL Surgery)

  ACL Reconstruction (patellar tendon and hamstring graft) Protocol

  Adhesive Capsulitis Treatment Guidelines

  Ankle Fracture Treatment Guidelines

  Ankle Sprain Treatment Guidelines

  Anterior Knee Pain Rehab Protocol

  Arthroscopic Bankart Repair Treatment Guidelines

  Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair Rehab Protocol

  Arthroscopic Open Bankart Repair Rehab Protocol

  Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression (Acromioplasty)

  Isokinetic Assessment of Knee Extension and Flexion

  Postoperative Knee Arthroscopy Rehab Protocol

  Medial and Lateral Epicondylitis Treatment Guidelines

  MPFL Reconstruction Rehab Protocol

  Open Acromioplasty and/ or Distal Clavicle Resection Rehab Protocol

  ORIF Patellar Frx Rehab Protocol

  PCL Reconstruction Treatment Guidelines

  Planter Fasciitis Rehab Protocol

  Planter Fasciitis Rehab Protocol

  Acute Rehab/SN Facilities

  Rotator Cuff Repair Rehab Protocol

  Shoulder Impingement Treatment Guidelines

  Stable Proximal Humerus Fracture Rehab Protocol

  Total & Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Rehab Protocol

  Total Elbow Arthroplasty Rehabilitation Protocol

  Total Hip Arthroplasty (Direct Anterior Approach) Rehab Protocol

  Total Hip Arthroplasty (Lateral Approach) Rehab Protocol

  Total Hip Total Knee Arthoplasty

  Unicompartmental Knee Arthoplasty

  Unstable Proximal Humerus Fracture Rehab Protocol


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Hip, Knee & Shoulder
Meet Dr Jason k. Lowry, MD - Hip, Knee and Shoulder Surgeon
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